I can’t watch The Big Bang Theory without my wife remarking on the similarities I share with Sheldon Cooper, so today, I’m going to embrace it and give you a little food for thought. Without further ado, here is:

Jesse Anderson presents, Fun With Words.

It’s always bothered be that the word “palindrome” isn’t in and of itself a palindrome. I’m sure you know what a palindrome is: it’s a word, or a set of words, that mirrors itself when spelled backwards—taco cat spelled backwards is “taco cat,” and that’s just awesome. So in my mind, the proverbial “they” should’ve used “palinilap” instead of “palindrome” because that way, the word itself would’ve reflected its meaning via function. But hey, unfortunately, I’m not one of “them.”

However, there’s a wonderful epiphany buried in this frustration. “Palindrome” spelled backwards is “emordnilap,” and believe it or not, it’s an actual word. The only dictionary that supports this claim is the Urban Dictionary, but for me, that’s good enough. Granted, the Urban Dictionary also defines “Cosby Sweater” in a manner that I’d like to forget (don’t look it up), but that’s irrelevant. An emordnilap is a word that creates a completely different word when it’s spelled backwards. “Emordnilap” is hard to say, so such words are also called “Janis words” or “mirror words” or my favorite, “back words” (it’s my favorite because it sounds like “backwards” and puns just make me giggle). So here we go…

Have you ever met a gateman who wasn’t wearing a nametag? Did you notice that gateman spelled backwards is nametag? Do you get stressed when you’re eating your desserts because it’ll make you fat, or because stressed spelled backwards is in fact desserts? When you feed a baby, you’re repaid by a dirty diaper which isn’t as shitty as it sounds because the backwards back-word for diaper is repaid. Your reward for opening a drawer is noticing the mirrored relationship between “reward” and “drawer.” Now you can’t stop reading because you’re stuck in the worst part of my trap. I could go on forever… my daughter is an avid diva. A dirty musician is a drab bard. A belt is made out of strap parts. Vampire bats stab with their teeth. Orange peels don’t sleep. You have to dial to get laid. Well-trained pets stay in step. You can bonk someone with a knob. A lager is a regal beer. Denim isn’t mined. Don’t snub my buns. The evil live but the devil never lived. I think I’m done because I won now

I love patterns, and I love words, so it’s no surprise that patterns made out of words make me smile like a possum eating sweet potatoes. When I find the patterns, or make my own, my smug smile shows my gums, and when it hits me that the emordnilap for gums is “smug,” my mind explodes and I laugh to myself like a word-addled literary fool.

Anyway, this post was pretty pointless, and I just wrote it for the sake of writing. My summer semester starts on Monday, and you probably won’t hear from me for at least a month. I honestly want to thank all of you for your continued patience and interest—almost fourteen-thousand of you have read my writing almost twenty thousand times, and that’s pretty humbling. But I have to take another break. Over the weekend, I need to get ready for class, and right now, I have to do the dishes… I guess you could say that I have to stop to clean my pots… I’m so, so sorry.

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