Hear them shriek.
See them live.
Watch them love / die.

Pay your
Come one / come all.
They’re on parade today.

I might’ve been crying wolf in a few of my other reviews. It’s just that I can’t bring myself to give fewer than five stars in an Amazon review because we self-published or indie authors just try so damn hard. But it might’ve tarnished my credibility. So when a book like Dead Animals comes along, and I start shouting about how freakishly awesome it is, I guess a few people might say “whatever, that’s what you said about that last book which was just okay.” That sucks ass. So if ever you take one of my reviews seriously, please let it be this one: Dead Animals by C.S. DeWildt is the best indie-published collection of noir short-stories ever written.


I bet it’s frustrating to live inside DeWildt’s skull. You see, his writing is perfect, but it’s dark. It’s the antithesis of mainstream because he doesn’t pull punches when he writes. If his thoughts are profane, they go on the paper; if the story is dark, he writes it instead of going a route more readers might follow. His writing is simply honesty in art.

DeWildt has had countless stories published here and there. His novella (which I wrote about here: https://thevelveteenmaraca.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/candy-and-cigarettes/) was a success with the critics. His most recent book, Dead Animals, also seems to be doing well. But he has to know that he could rule it all if he wrote something flowery that’s full of bullshit and artifice. He could go the sparkly vampire route while keeping his prose as is, and then boom: we’d all be lining up to see some watered-down PG-13 version of his writing.

That has to suck. Personally, I’d sell out for about seventeen dollars and a half-ass publicized book signing at The Salvation Army. But then again, maybe DeWildt’s writing would lose whatever it is that makes it so rad if he toned it down. I don’t know. But I do know that he is an instant cult-classic author, and that I’m a die-hard fan.

Lastly, DeWildt asked me to write a short review for the back of Dead Animals and of course I said yes. I just received my signed copy in the mail and it felt incredible to see my name on the back; it’s an honor to be taken that seriously.  I’m in his debt, and I hope you’ll take my advice and buy Dead Animals here: http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Animals-ebook/dp/B00EG8GHFY/

Dead Animals

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